our offer

Thanks to efficiency of our work and flexibility of our team, we take up unusual projects. We work towards our customers’ success while respecting their budget.

We pride ourselves with flexibility, which means we offer services on competitive conditions, while tailoring their scope and intensity to the budget.

Restructuring of real estate packages in the private and public sectors. Organizing the legal status of land, production, logistics, office, residential and port real estate.

RESCO cooperates as an external entity with companies of various sizes in the European Union. RESCO uses the competencies of internal and external teams to create management structures and recovery plans for restructured property packages.



RESCO provides brokerage services for the sale, rental and lease of real estate at the highest, professional level.

Our areas of expertise include land for various purposes as well as commercial premises, warehouses, land and facilities for residential purposes and industrial land, including those for port purposes (quays).

RESCO provides project and investment managerial services in the forms of interim management for commercial and residential real estate.

The scope of services covers the various phases of the project lifespan. This applies to the preparation phase as well as the construction and operation of the property. Cooperation with RESCO may be based on a narrow scope assignment and the use of task-based or hourly settlement of wages.



The Development Management Agreement (DMA) is a type of comprehensive service offered by RESCO, on the basis of which the land owner or developer can entrust the RESCO team with the preparation of the investment.

The complexity of the service consists in taking over the entire scope of the owner’s representation before state administration offices, media administrators, bank representatives and architectural offices.

The service is based on a contract in the Development Management model and project preparation process management with recurring monthly fees in the form of a retain fee. The scope of the DMA agreement is each time agreed with the property owner and depends on the complexity of the project.

RESCO provides consulting services in the field of the application of technologies ensuring the optimization of the investment’s execution budget and shortening the time of investment implementation.

The scope of consultancy includes, for example, cooperation in the field of supervision on the part of the investor over the adaptation of the completed technical documentation of the project and material changes.