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In 2019, my studio was invited by Mr. Rafał Szyłański to participate in an incredibly interesting project. It consisted of an analysis of the potential and method of land development, as well as the preparation of an initial land development concept for the Seller for approximately 7.5 ha of land.

I can describe the cooperation with Mr. Rafał Szyłański from RESCO International Ltd. as an example of partnership treatment of a contractor while maintaining a very professional approach to the part entrusted to me.

Thank you for the successful cooperation on behalf of the MODULOR team. I sincerely hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to cooperate again with RESCO in the implementation of new projects.

Owner of the MODULOR architectural studio


In 2019, the Chapman Taylor architectural studio, represented by me, was invited by RESCO International Ltd to implement an architectural project in the city of Wrocław. The order was based on an analysis of the land development method in line with the current Site Development Plan and designing an architectural concept at the request of the Ordering Party. for the area of the Zacisze Shipyard with an area of approx. 8.5 ha with a harbor basin.

Cooperation with Mr. Rafał Szyłański from RESCO International Ltd was carried out in trustful and professional atmosphere. We are pleased to undertake further, equally interesting projects together with Mr. Rafał Szyłański and RESCO International.

Director of the architectural studio Chapman Taylor Polska